Who Are the Braunohlers Anyway?

Our family got its start in Washington, D.C. where two young diplomats-in-training met, dated, and subsequently were sent to opposite ends of the earth (Thailand and Mozambique) by the U.S. Foreign Service.  After four years and six countries apart, a proposal in Venezuela, a wedding in Thailand, and a honeymoon in Laos, the Braunohlers resided as one in Sydney, Australia in 2006-7.  After a two-year stint in Khartoum, Sudan and a year-long recovery in Washington, D.C., the third Braunohler, Logan, arrived on the scene in July 2010.  Just three and a half months into his young life, our family accepted an assignment in Bangkok, Thailand, where we resided, worked, and played for nearly four years.  In May of 2012 we welcomed sweet Katelyn into our family.  Just less than two years later, in March of 2014, precious Ivy  was born.  Our busy family of five departed Bangkok in the summer of 2014 for the United States.  We now reside in northern Virginia, but will relocate to Krakow, Poland for three years in the summer of 2015 — so stay tuned!

Our time spent living and traveling abroad with young children has brought us phenomenal joy.  When we travel, the look of amazement on our children’s faces when they see something for the first time is priceless.  Rewarding.  Intensely gratifying.  Through this blog, I hope to inform and inspire others about the joys of raising a toddler, both at home and abroad.

The Braunohler Family – May 2012


The Braunohler Family at the Golden Triangle – April 2013

Our family of five at Lake Tahoe - July 2014

Our family of five at Lake Tahoe – July 2014

Our family settled into northern Virginia - October 2014

Our family settled into northern Virginia – October 2014

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