Find of the Week: The Perfect Place for Aspiring Young Musicians

All toddlers I know love music. They love to make music, dance to music, and share the joy of music with friends. Playing new instruments and discovering new sounds is a powerful creative outlet for children.  Some of the most joyous times in our home are the ones spent testing out new musical instruments and dancing wildly, boldly, and comically to our favorite songs.

Not so long ago a friend of mine asked me if I had stumbled upon the music store across from La Monita*.  Despite the great many times we had been to La Monita, I hadn’t seen the place, so I decided to make a special trip.  From the outside, it’s hard to get a glimpse of what’s inside IQ Plus Music (located in Mahatun Plaza off of Ploenchit Road) because of the dark-tinted windows; however, once you venture inside, you’ll find a wall full of colorfully-decorated high-quality musical instruments for children of all ages.  This place has everything from egg shakers to rainbow music hand bells, ukuleles, and bongos.  The instruments are so visually attractive with fun shapes and colors that they are certain to spark the interest of even the most undecided of young musicians.

Check out the awesome alligator xylophone - I want one!

On top of the high-quality selection of beautiful instruments, the staff at IQ Plus Music is extremely helpful in informing your decision about which instruments suit your child at a certain age and musical ability.  Vice President Quincy Yu, who worked in the same business in California for several years, was an enormous help to me when I was in search of an instrument that would introduce my toddler to musical range.  Definitely seek him out if you make a trip to IQ Plus Music.


Store details:

IQ Plus Music
888/110 Mahatun Plaza Building
Ploenchit Road, Lumpini
Phone:  02-651-4062

*If you haven’t been to La Monita, consider this post a “Double-Find of the Week.”   La Monita, also located in Mahatun Plaza off of Ploenchit Road, is easily some of the best Mexican food in town.  The nachos and cali tacos are amazing.  Yum!  If you’re with your with your toddler, they’ll do a “mini-quesadilla” and a side of Spanish rice and beans.