Found: True Toddler Joys in Bangkok

Time and time again, the following activities prove to be a true joy for our little one in Bangkok.  You must give them a try!

1. Siam Ocean World – At first glance, the place is pricey.  After all, it is just an aquarium in the basement of a mall . . . or is it?  If you’re a Thai resident, make sure to bring proof of residency and ask for the resident rate.  If you and your family enjoy it, splurge and become a “Siam Ocean World Member” for 1,500 baht/person/year (young children are free) and visit as many times as you like.  We’ve found the yearly membership to be especially helpful when our little guy is:  a) just up for a quick visit; b) gets cranky mid-way through and we have to bail early; and/or c) is only interested in racing to the end of the aquarium in order to drive the fish tuk-tuk.  Yes, folks, there are penguins, sharks, and stingrays, but you’ll soon see that most toddlers prefer the fish tuk-tuk to anything else.  C’est la vie.

Logan driving the toddler-captivating fish tuk-tuk

2. Sukothai Chocolate Buffet – Okay, so you can probably only indulge in something this rich once a year, but let me tell you, it is definitely worth it!  From the sushi spread on the savory side to the delectable concoctions of everything chocolate on the sweet side, there is something for everyone, trust me.

Yum! Destroying Christmas cupcakes at the chocolate buffet!

3. Concerts in the Park – From mid-December through mid-February each year, the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra holds outdoor concerts in Lumpini Park for free on Sunday evenings beginning at 5:30pm.  Bring snacks, libations, bikes, scooters, and trikes and meet up with your friends to enjoy live music from Phantom of the Opera, Indiana Jones, Chicago, the Sound of Music, and other well-known classics.  The cool weather and open space make it an ideal location for toddlers to run free, make new friends, grab snacks from nearby neighbors, and test out other childrens’ ride-on toys!