Pimped Out Buses and Reggaeton

Logan is a huge fan of buses.  He loves cars, but I mean he ADORES buses.  I’m not entirely sure what the appeal of a school bus is over, say a Porsche or a Aston Martin , but whatever it is, it’s powerful.  As I mentioned in a previous post, he loves to sit with Daddy every night and watch pimped car slide shows on youtube.  His favorite slides show showcases the pimped out Cadillac school bus shown below.

Hopefully Logan won't be too upset in a few years when he realizes his school bus doesn't quite look like this . . .

The number of times we have had to rewind or pause the slide show to catch that two-second snapshot of the school bus is in the hundreds.  So, in honor of Logan’s adoration of buses, Walter went online to find the most awesome, pimped out school bus images imaginable.  He then made a slide show of the buses and set it to Reggaeton.  For you and/or your child’s viewing pleasure, here is the result:  Crazy School Buses.  Enjoy!