Outfit Your Nanny (With a Camera, That Is)

One of the best things we’ve done is oblige our nanny’s request for a camera to take pictures of the kids.  I thought it was a bit weird, at first, that she would ask for the use of a camera, but also cool if she really did follow through with taking photos.  When we hired her, she shared with us pictures of the children she had worked for in the past and explained how important it was to her to capture memories of each family she had become a part of.  Now, nearly eight months after bestowing a camera upon her, she has taken 45 pages of photos of the kids . . . that translates to 1322 images.


The newest member of the Blue Man Group

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The Nanny Conundrum

To have a nanny, or not to have a nanny?  That is only one of the 2,874, 524 questions.

Part time or full time?  Live in or live out?  Burmese, Thai, or Filipina?  A nanny who strictly helps with the children or a nanny/housekeeper/cook all in one?  A nanny who is fluent in Chinese or reads and writes English?  One who can juggle like the Cat in the Hat while cooking Pad Thai and making Lego castles with your children or one that can sing lullabies like Jewel, make baby food like Jamie Oliver, and clean like Mary Poppins?  Heck, why not just all of those things.

Whether or not to employ a nanny is inevitably one of the first issues you face when you arrive in Thailand and it is not an easy one.  As a parent, I cannot imagine loving anything more than my children.  The very act of trusting someone with them that is not part of our family is difficult.  No, beyond difficult. Continue reading