A Walk-In Beach Pool and Cocktails – The Perfect Toddler-Parent Weekend Combination

In our year and a half in Thailand, we’ve only given the popular weekend destination of Hua Hin a chance once.  Last weekend we thought we’d get away for a night and give it a second opportunity to wow us.

The first time around we stayed at the Anantara, which is a beautiful resort that boasts a great pool bar and classy ambiance, but in the end, lacks a good beach front and is not so kid-friendly.  This time, on a friend’s recommendation, we stayed at the Hyatt Regency.  While more expensive than the Anantara, the Hyatt definitely has more activities for kids of all ages.  The best part of the resort for us/Logan by far?  The man-made beach and walk-in beach pool.  This is a toddler and parent’s dream – no need to worry about a rough surf, steep drop offs, jellyfish (which Hua Hin does have) or peddlers on the beach.  No need to worry about lack of shade, trash on the beach, or a tide.  Instead, just sit back and relax under the shade of an umbrella, order a cocktail with the touch of a button, and watch your little one(s) play in the clean sand and make their way into the calm pool, testing their ability to stand and giggling as the water gradually gets deeper.  Ahh, now that is what vacation is supposed to be about!  The Hyatt also has a pretty awesome water slide and lazy river pool for older kids, fantastic and reasonably-priced Western and Thai tapas beachfront at the McFarland House for dinner, and several ponds where tods can delight in throwing bread in to feed beautiful koi and ducks during the day.

We certainly felt like we did Hua Hin right the second time around.  We recommend the Hyatt to anyone looking for a short weekend escape with little ones that allows parents to relax and kids to be kids.

Beach Bum

Inviting walk-in pool – perfect for tods!

Logan testing his limits in the pool while Mom and Dad relax beach-side

Raisins and milk before the journey home