Outfit Your Nanny (With a Camera, That Is)

One of the best things we’ve done is oblige our nanny’s request for a camera to take pictures of the kids.  I thought it was a bit weird, at first, that she would ask for the use of a camera, but also cool if she really did follow through with taking photos.  When we hired her, she shared with us pictures of the children she had worked for in the past and explained how important it was to her to capture memories of each family she had become a part of.  Now, nearly eight months after bestowing a camera upon her, she has taken 45 pages of photos of the kids . . . that translates to 1322 images.


The newest member of the Blue Man Group

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Popcorn, Sofa Seating, and The Best Kids’ Movies Out There: The Happiness Theater

School’s out, which can only mean two things . . . complete exhaustion for mommy and lots and lots of fun for Logan!  During Logan’s first week of summer break, we’ve done the following:  Siam Ocean World, Kidzoona, Benjasiri Park, Chamchurri Square, Play Time, Fourth of July parties, swim play dates, jello jiggler-making, ahh and it’s making my brain hurt trying to remember everything, but trust me, it was A LOT.  And on Friday, when I was getting a little desperate for new ideas and needed a little break myself, we tried out the movies.  That’s right – our first mother-son movie date.  Where?  At the Happiness Theater.  Yeah, you heard that right, the Happiness Theater.


Popcorn, check. Drink, check. We’re ready to go!

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