The Single Best Thing We’ve Done for our Toddler in Bangkok?

Teach him to swim.

Thailand is teeming with pools and beautiful beach destinations.  The weather is magnificent for swimming year round.  We’re fortunate enough to have a pool in our apartment complex.  With so much access to water, it would be silly not to enjoy it.

After arriving in November almost a year and a half ago, I was anxious to find activities for Logan.  The problem was, he was only four months old and the only things available to us were playgroups.  Sure playgroups are all well and good, but let’s face it – after two or three playgroups of drooling, grunting, pooping babies a week – Logan and I were both ready for something more.

Then I heard about a little organization called Bangkok Dolphins.  And to be honest, our lives haven’t been the same since.

At the tender age of five months, Logan began infant swim classes.  He started in a Tuesday class of about six children (with parents by their side), taught by an enthusiastic and endearing British swim instructor named Teacher Tom.   Every Tuesday since then, minus a few missed weeks for vacation and runny noses here and there, Logan and I both have looked forward to our Tuesday swim outings.  Logan has developed a love for the water, acquired the fundamentals of swimming, and has learned about water safety at a very early age.  Walter and I have had so much fun swimming with him. I was even fortunate enough to meet some of my best friends in Bangkok (I’m talking about you, Natalia, Barbara, and Alejandra) during infant swim classes.

Watching Logan’s evolution over the past year and a half has been awesome.  Here’s a little clip of Logan swimming at about 10 months of age.

And here are a couple of videos of Logan swimming more recently.

If you have access to a pool and/or swim school nearby, I highly encourage you to give your child the gift of swim lessons.  Enjoying the water at home and on vacation has greatly enriched Logan’s infant and toddler years.  Below are some pictures of our fun times in the water together over the past two years.

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