Five Asian Snacks Your Toddler Will Love

Loved this idea for a blog post that my dear friend Ana Gaby, who just went from expat life in Bangkok to expat life in Jakarta, posted yesterday. Most of these snacks can be found in Bangkok, too, so I thought it would be useful for my Thailand followers. Enjoy!

Stumble Abroad

Evan thinks he’s Asian. He will eat sushi rolls, he’s obsessed with rice and noodles and he has to dip everything in soy sauce or kecip manis. Every time we go back to the US or Mexico he suffers from Asian food withdrawal and we have to at least find some rice from him.

Here’s a list of our favorite Asian snacks in no particular order.

1. Seaweed

Evidence of Evan’s Asian roots (being born in Thailand and all), is his fixation with Seaweed snacks. They provide a satisfying crunch just like chips but with less than half the calories and sodium! Now that’s a good treat! Evan likes the laver variety roasted in sesame oil the best. He can eat two packages at a time! Mom likes the fact that they barely have any calories and that they are very tasty. I don’t have a specific brand I prefer…

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