Don’t Be That Parent

What, have we as parents, become, when actions we take to see our children succeed are so competitive and aggressive that they result in communities canceling Easter egg hunts?  As I was planning an Easter party for Logan and his friends last week, I ran across this article on NPR:  Easter Egg Hunt Canceled Due To Aggressive Parents.  Just yesterday, I read a similar account of a local Easter egg hunt my cousins attended with their three-year old in Alexandria, Virginia:  Easter Eggs or Bust.

Parental aggression is now commonplace at youth sporting events (and if you aren’t in the loop about that, here’s an article:  “Being a Good Sports Parent“) — which is bad enough — but c’mon folks, Easter egg hunts?  Do we really need the media to remind us of how we should behave at childrens’ sporting events?  Or worse, for communities to cancel traditional holiday festivities because we have begun to ruin them for our children?  Parents staking out an hour ahead of time to scope out the landscape, looking for an edge to get their kids more eggs?    Parents jumping fences and crossing lines into kids-only areas to pick up additional Easter loot for their children?  It’s so ridiculous, it’s almost comical.  This Easter, I urge you not to be that parent.  And with that, I leave you with some photos of an Easter party Logan hosted this year . . . and yes, each of the children scored at least one egg during the calm and collected inner city hunt.

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