Outfitting Your Child’s Room South East Asia Style

A  few months ago, I was lucky enough to stumble upon a French vendor based out of Vientiane who sells beautiful Batik prints for children’s rooms.  The brand, Anakijo, was founded by Valerie Baumal, who has been living in South East Asia for many years.

Valerie handcrafts each piece of artwork by selecting batik sarongs from Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.  The designs she creates are inspired by the flora and fauna of South East Asia.  Valerie’s artwork makes a beautiful and unique addition to a nursery or child’s room.  What a fabulous idea for a gift, also!  I bought the below elephant print for our baby girl’s nursery and had it framed locally in a simple wooden frame.  Oh how I wish I had bought more prints when I acquired this one!

Valerie hasn’t opened shop in Thailand yet, but you can order from her online or at Etsy.com.  Valerie travels to Thailand occasionally and when I communicated with her over email, she said she would be willing to bring some prints with her the next time she makes a trip.  Would anyone be interested in a private sale the next time she is in town?  If so, let me know, and I’ll do my best to arrange it with her.  I can’t think of a better way to add some South East Asian character and charm to your child’s room than through this unique artwork.  What an extra special gift the prints make for friends back home as well.

You can visit Anakijo’s website at:  http://anakijo.com/index.html.

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