U.S. Brands at Very Low Prices? Yes, Please.

How many times have you checked the tag of your child’s $18 Gap shirt to find out that it was made in Thailand?  Right.  So, where is all of that clothing and how do you find it here at super bargain-basement prices?  While I’m certainly not the expert on this, I have found one joint that delivers.  If you are strolling around the Central Chitlom area, check out the indoor market on the bottom floor of the Sindhorn Building (just next to the 7/11) on Wireless Road on a Tuesday morning.  The best time to go is between 9-11am; before 9 the vendor is still unloading his clothing, after 11 the market gets swamped with lunchtime browsers.

Children’s clothing vendor at Sindhorn on Tuesdays

You have to dig, but you can find some great stuff!

I’m not sure if this stuff isn’t sized exactly right, is sample clothing, or you know, just fell off the truck, but I have found some awesome Gymboree, Oshkosh, Carter’s, and Sprockets clothes at excellent prices at this little market.  You have to dig, and you have to be mindful that what you’ve picked up doesn’t have a small defect here or there, but I have been happy with everything I’ve gotten for both Logan and Kate.  Furthermore, nothing that I have bought (from onesies to pajamas to shorts/shirt combinations has cost more than 180-200 baht).  You know how quickly little ones grow.  It’s so nice to be able to find U.S. brands at very low prices so that you don’t feel so guilty when they grow out of them right away.

Darling Sprockets spacehip pajamas for boys

Sweet Logan modeling his pajamas

The market also has great seasonal/holiday finds.  I picked up the below Halloween sleeper (Carter’s) for Kate and Santa bibs (Gymboree) for Logan and Kate.  It’s not easy to find a U.S. brand Halloween sleeper in Thailand, but this guy has it.  Enjoy your shopping!

Kate modeling her Halloween onesie

Super cute onesie feet

P.S. – I’ve also heard from several friends that the third floor of Platinum Mall offers some great children’s export clothing at low prices.  I have yet to check it out, but from what it sounds like, it’s worth a try, too!

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