In Search of Seahorses?

Well, search no further!  Siam Ocean World at Siam Paragon has a new seahorse exhibit on display that is super cool and worthwhile to visit.  As you may have read on Toddle Joy’s FB page, we just renewed our yearly passes to Ocean World – and after a visit with Logan yesterday, I am so glad that we did!  In addition to being a very awesome aquarium, Ocean World is always changing its exhibits, keeping things fresh and fun.  If you are a regular to Ocean World, you will have noticed that the play area mid way through the aquarium was torn down and replaced by a photo shop.  At first this seemed unfortunate, but it has been replaced by a much better play area that your little ones can now enjoy after their visit.  Goodbye to the caged-in area with foam slides and a gazillion balls (that place never seemed squeaky clean to me anyway); hello to a nicely-padded area with a jungle gym, plastic slides, and ride-on sea animals . . . so much better!  It makes so much more sense to have it as the last stop so that toddlers don’t get distracted from their undersea adventure prematurely.  Finally, they have a treasure area where kids can rummage through a faux treasure chest and play pirate . . . fun!  So, if you haven’t been to Ocean World recently (or if you haven’t been at all), now is a good time to go!  Enjoy!


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