Inside Kidzoona

As some of you may know, Gateway Ekami Mall opened up last year and it is home to a fantastic new play area by Aeon Fantasy.  I’m a little bit late to the punch on this one, but seeing as Ekami seems a world away to us – just under six miles (but a life time in Bangkok traffic) – we just scouted out this new venue for the first time over the weekend.  We had been told by several friends that this place was great, but you really have to go and experience it to understand how awesome it is for the little ones.  When you first walk in,   you enter a type of indoor amusement park with ride-on Japanese buses, bullet trains, police motorcycles, trucks . . . you name it.  There are heaps of video games for older children and a pretty pink carousel for the younger ones.


Katelyn and Logan were so entranced by this place that we couldn’t get either one of them to look at the camera!


Stimulation overload

The real prize, however, is deeper in the amusement area when you come to a place called Kidzoona.  Kidzoona is home to a playground amidst a sea of balls, a bouncy track, giant tumbler balls, a giant inflatable slide, a construction zone with ride-on diggers and cranes, and a faux town with a bakery, fire station (and fire truck, of course), sushi bar, ice cream parlor, grocery store, kitchen, and a burger joint, and separate areas with a train table, peg board, blocks, magnetic toys, and more.  This place is really cool and considering the foot traffic I can imagine it gets, still very clean.  Here is a glimpse inside Kidzoona:

Gateway Ekami Mall is immediately adjacent to the Ekami BTS station.  I highly recommend BTSing it.  You can find Molly Fantasy and Kidzoona on the 5th floor.  On weekdays, entry to Kidzoona is 180 baht for children less than 105 cm, on the weekends and holidays the entrance is 200 baht. Parents pay 90 baht.  Remember to bring socks.  Let the play begin!

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