And This is Why I Write . . .

Aside from being a wonderful outlet for me to write about my children and experiences I share with them, I write to be a resource for others.

In the past couple of weeks, I received the following comments and it makes my writing that much more rewarding.

  • “I love your blog! We report to Bangkok in June with a 4 yr old… Your blog has subsided a lot of my fears. Thank you!”
  • “Thank you for your wonderful tips. We just arrived this past weekend, and your website has been tremendously helpful during our adjustment period.”

So happy to know that Toddle Joy is a helpful resource for others.  Thank you for your comments!

5 thoughts on “And This is Why I Write . . .

  1. alicantina709 says:

    I am moving to Bangkok as well at the end of May and I was so excited to find your blog. I love when people share their experiences and list many good things to see and do! I was wondering if by chance you could put all of the newbies (or soon to be newbies!) in touch with each other. It’s so nice to chat with people in the same circumstance. I have a toddler that is turning 4 in August. It would be nice to meet other moms new to Bangkok with children around my son’s age. (I will sign up for BAMBI when we arrive).

    We are coming for our looksee this Thurs and I am getting excited for our move!

    Thanks again for your lovely blog. 🙂

  2. Kate says:

    My family is moving to Bangkok in June. I stumbled across your blog last month while trying to learn more about the city and living there with kids. Your obvious love of the city is very reassuring. Do you have any insight on the international schools? Our kids are 6 and almost 3, and we’d really love to live as close to the center of the city as possible.

    • lobrau says:

      Hi Kate –

      Thanks so much for your comment. So happy that you will be moving to Bangkok soon. I really do think it is a great place to be with children. A bit overwhelming at first (especially if you are not from a big city), but once you find your routine and get to know your neighborhood, it is a lot more manageable.
      On international schools, the New International School of Bangkok (or NIST – is the largest and most reputable in the city center. Many expat children, especially whose families live downtown, are at this school. There is also Bangkok Pattana School (, which is excellent, but is a little farther out. Finally, there is the International School of Bangkok (, which has the best reputation in terms of international schools in Bangkok, but it is definitely a commute to reach from the city center (factor in an hour bus ride to/from school everyday for your kids if you are living in the center of the city and they go to ISB). We know some younger children (kindergarten age) that attend the Australian International School (, which is downtown, but I don’t know much about the school itself.
      Do you know where you will be living?
      For your youngest, there are many, many very good preschools all over the city.

      • Kate says:

        Thanks very much for the reply and the info about the schools. These are the three I’ve read the most about so far. We don’t know exactly where we’ll be living yet, but if we can get a spot at NIST, then likely downtown. Are there specific neighborhoods that are better for families/expats? Also, I’d be thrilled to “meet” anyone via email who is there now or moving to Bangkok soon. I’m at
        take care,

  3. alicantina709 says:


    I hope it is okay that I leave a comment with my email address on it.

    Kate – I will be moving to Bangkok as well on either May 31st or June 1st. We will be living in the downtown area (Sukhumvit. Close to the Emporium). We chose NIST for my son who is 31/2 (turning 4 in August).

    If you want to email me my email is: I can tell you about our looksee (we went last week for a long weekend) and the schools that we saw. Also, I would love to meet some other new moms moving to Bangkok.


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