A Morning Out at Neilson Hays

Logan and I took refuge from the heat last week by spending a morning at the Neilson Hays Library in Silom.  They have a well-stocked children’s corner adorned with the best children’s lit, comfy bean bag chairs, and sweet, sweet air conditioning.  If you’re a non-member, you can relax and read all the books your heart desires for a 50 baht donation. We hit up the cafe next door for an art walk-through and sweet treat before heading home.  Fun and calming activity on a busy and hot Bangkok morning.


Logan at the entry to the beautiful Neilson Hays Library


Lost in his own literary world at the children’s corner


Full of Dr. Seuss classics


Exploring the library


The artistic and airy cafe next door


Beautiful art exhibit


Yummy sweet treat


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