Ode to Asian Air Carriers


Kate enroute home from Phuket on Bangkok Airways at 13 months old

Ode to Asian Air Carriers

Oh Asian air carriers how I love you so,

You still allow my family priority boarding

so we don’t block our neighbors’ row;

You give my children stickers before take-off so they won’t throw a fit

when that seatbelt sign is on and we’re not quite cruising yet.

You care about their safety and bring us infant belts;

Your flight attendants are kind and patient

Pretending not to notice my baby’s flying yogurt melts.

Drinks, meals and snacks are a routine part of the flight

Proving that even in a short 45 minutes, you still get all the basics right.

Inflight when we walk the aisles

With our two spawn under three,

Your attendants waiting in the galley utter murmurs of glee.

They cannot wait to get their hands on our tireless little tots,

And when they do they pose and call in their paparazzi to get the perfect shots.

When my toddler sprints down the aisle furiously almost breaching the cockpit door,

You don’t shriek or yell or lose your sh*t,

You let him run some more.

Pillow, blanket, water, juice – these requests are not taboo;

You don’t treat your passengers like a travelling circus zoo.

Oh Asian air carriers we’re so thankful for you;

We’ll fly you every chance we get

Because helping families is what you do.

Air Travel Done Right:  Logan on a Flight to Bali at 10 Months Old

Logan enroute to Bali  on Air Asia at 10 Months Old

3 thoughts on “Ode to Asian Air Carriers

  1. lobrau says:

    Ami – I wish we could get some free flights! Ha ha. We just came back from Phuket and going and coming on Bangkok Airways was such a good experience that I felt I had to write about it. I hope you all are doing well!

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