All Good Things Must Come to An End: Dropped Nap Update

Well, it’s time to confess that my almost three-year old’s naps are pretty much over.  I was so proud that we were able to bring them back after some struggles at two and a half, but that only lasted for a few months before we went into total “I don’t want to nap AT ALL” mode.  Luckily, a dear friend shared her experience of “catch-up naps” with me, and that seems to be working for us, creating a delicate balance whereby Logan gets just enough sleep not to break down completely at the end of each day (thank you, Rattana).  After two or three days of no naps, Logan is totally exhausted.  Enter the catch-up nap.  He is able to fully refresh for another couple of days without naps until he needs another catch-up nap.  On the days when he doesn’t nap, he’s generally asleep by 7pm (a nice, new early bed time).  On the days he does nap, we struggle to get him down by 8pm, but I’ve at least had some sort of a big break during the day.  It’s not perfect, but it’s a good transition solution – *just* enough rest for Logan, *just* enough of a break for mama.

I always try to pass on good sleeping tips when I get them, because as a mom to two high energy children who don’t much care for sleep, I take good sleep advice whenever I can get it!  So, to all of you out there who are struggling/will struggle with the early dropped nap, try Rattana’s advice.  The catch-up nap is a good balance for little ones and parents alike.


Going strong on a no-nap day

3 thoughts on “All Good Things Must Come to An End: Dropped Nap Update

  1. allthingsboys says:

    Ah, I remember those days! Everything is a transition with kids. The best year I ever had with the three was the year they went willingly to bed at 7, and slept till 7. It was Nirvana! I knew it would last, but it was a good run for 12 months or so. That happened to be when they gave up naps. Then when the year was out, I had to split everybody up (they all three shared a room), because they decided it was party time once the door was shut. My sister in law used to tell me, remember, everything is a season…

    • Loren says:

      Hi! That is so true . . . just when I think I have things like naps, bed times, brushing teeth, etc. figured out, it all changes! I admire your ability to manage three boys so close in age at one time. I am sure it has been a challenge, but what a rewarding one! Thanks so much for your comment and your excellent reflection.

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