What do Rambutans, Rain Makers, and Wooden Trains Have in Common?

Living in Thailand with my two blonde-haired tots, we encounter some interesting opportunities.  A few cases in point . . .

Exhibit A:  Just last week when Katelyn and I took a little shopping trip to Lemon Farm, the organic grocery store down the street, a booth set up outside the store was promoting the sale of organic rambutans.  As we exited the store, their photographer asked if he could take pictures of Katelyn holding a rambutan in front of the booth.  Organic rambutan modeling?  When in Rome . . .


First solo photo shoot

Exhibit B:  A couple of months ago, Logan and I visited one of our favorite music stores – IQ Plus Music – to buy Katelyn a birthday present.  Upon checking out, the marketing manager asked if Logan would be available to model for their new catalog.  Two weeks later, Logan and Katelyn were testing out instruments in front of cameras at an international school in Bangkok.


Bell time!


Happy musician




Mesmerized by the rainmakers

Exhibit C:  We are regular customers of Plan Toys, my favorite Thai-owned wooden toy company.  During our last visit to their factory store, we ran into a marketing manager in the bathroom (of all places).  She asked if her team could take video of Logan playing with the toys and interview me for their new promotional materials.  Ten minutes later, Logan was in heaven playing with a massively-large train table and someone was touching up my make-up.

photo 1

This is my crappy photo; promotional material forthcoming . . .

Yes, it will be a difficult adjustment to move back home.

2 thoughts on “What do Rambutans, Rain Makers, and Wooden Trains Have in Common?

    • Loren says:

      Plan Toys are the best! Try to hit the factory store (Sathorn Soi 10) in June and December when the have their biggest sales (50-80 percent off)!

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