Thursday Market at Asoke: Children’s Clothes, Toys, and More

Asoke Market

Checking out cool toys at the Asoke Market

I’ve been meaning to check out the Thursday Asoke market (also known as the Japanese market) for years and I finally made it today! Do you know Kuppa Deli in Asoke? If so, the market is held at the University directly across the street, and features everything from children’s clothing to toys, plants, and yummy food and snacks.  It is definitely worth a visit! It is easy to bring a stroller along – just make sure to be prepared with lots of H2O and hats, because it is hot!  My friend, Becky took some excellent pictures this morning and did a write-up of the market. Check it out here:  Thursday Asoke Market: A Review by the Awesome Becky Horace



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