Got an 8-month old? Why not travel to Hong Kong for the weekend?

Our first international trip out of Thailand was to Hong Kong, and it was fabulous!  Logan was eight months old at the time and we spent almost the whole trip on our feet (Logan received the royal treatment by riding in the Deuter kid backpack or Ergo most of the time, including for his naps)!  We traveled to Hong Kong before I started Toddle Joy, so I hope to fill in more details about our trip later, but I thought I’d post these pictures showing the bulk of what we did in 48 hours — eat, hike, and travel via ferry and peak tram!


Royal Jordanian direct from Bangkok to Hong Kong provided us with a sweet ride. Logan just *barely* still fit in the baby bassinet, but look at him – clear he wasn’t interested in sleeping in it!


Yes, hotel rooms in Hong Kong are small, but as long as you bring what you need for baby, it all works out


Beautiful sites at The Peak. The Peak Tram is a must!


Phenomenal dim sum is available in many places around Hong Kong


Ferry ride from Hong Kong to Kowloon


Hiking atop Hong Kong – a great and unique thing to do on a beautiful weekend. Make sure to take a good baby-carrying backpack and sun hat with you.


Beautiful hike, which Logan napped for most of

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