Connect Via High Tech Postcards

One of my favorite things about freelancing on the side is that I get to explore unique ideas, learn about cool, new developments I would never have learned about otherwise, and most importantly, interview some amazingly talented and creative people.  Without giving too much away, an upcoming article I’ve written focuses on the comeback of the postcard.  That’s right . . . the postcard.  Stop and ask yourself – when was the last time you sent a postcard?

Many of you reading this blog live far from friends and loved ones, particularly if you are in the same line of work that we are.  Most of us are good at posting updates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and multiple other social media sites that have come to dominate our  time (and our lives)!  But the problem with capturing all of these wonderful digital images and sharing them online is that you – and your family and friends – probably only take a look at them once or twice.  Soon they get filed away in timelines, newsfeeds, and inboxes and likely never resurface; like lost treasures buried deep in our digital worlds.


My parents’ refrigerator  – they have always treasured printed photos

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