Find of the Week: Amazing Cupcakes Delivered to your Door (Dangerous, I Know)

Who likes cupcakes?  And I’m not talking about the beautifully-decorated but only kind-of-sweet cupcakes that you find in most Bangkok hotel bakeries.  I’m talking about real cupcakes – the kind where the cake is succulent and moist and the buttercream icing is divinely sweet and perfectly coiffed on top.  I’m talking about a bakery with a selection of both traditional and creative (without being totally wacky) flavors – and, here is the kicker, one that takes special orders and delivers directly to your doorstep.  That bakery is Sparkles, and its owner and creator, Khun Sophie.

Yummy Sparkles cupcakes

Now I realize that having a thing for cupcakes is very American, and I’m the first to admit that I signed on to the craze that hit Washington, DC in 2008 when Georgetown Cupcake exploded onto the scene.  But other than being the only bakery in town that can truly make an amazing cupcake, Sparkles even has my at-home-equivalent cupcakery beat when it comes to customer service.  Khun Sophie is not only a master baker, she is a people person.  She runs her bakery with a very personal touch by engaging with her customers and knowing them by name.  Now that is something that you definitely can’t get at most well-known bakeries at home.

Sparkles is located in Thong Lor at:  2/6 Sukhumvit Soi 53, (Soi Paidee-Madee), phone:  +66 (0)81 136 3367.  CNN Go also raved about Sparkles in this 2010 online review.

If you’re a cupcake person, I bet with one visit to Sparkles you’ll be hooked.  Become a big enough fan and you can even get on the bakery’s email list to receive alerts about new flavors.   Over Christmas, Sophie featured cupcake flavors such as:  Chocolate and Roasted Chestnuts, Peppermint, Gingerbread and Molasses, Pecan and Maple Syrup, and Toffee and Vanilla.  You can bet when I got that email I made a call to order a couple dozen cupcakes for our Christmas cocktail party.  Really, how can you go wrong?

Baby booties on cupcakes . . . perfect for a baby shower!

Giant cupcake

Sparkles' Giant Cupcake - serves 20 and can be made in the flavor of your choice!

Now that we’ve got cupcakes covered, the next question is, when will some genius baker in Bangkok open up a delicious cake pop bakery?  It can’t be too far behind, right?

4 thoughts on “Find of the Week: Amazing Cupcakes Delivered to your Door (Dangerous, I Know)

  1. Suzy Ollei says:

    I have had sparkles and thought they were pretty good but then I was introduced to Fin-ish Me Cupcakes. They too deliver. They make cupcakes, cheesecakes, roll cakes, cakes, pies, tarts and more. We recently used them for a baby shower here in Bangkok and ordered cheesecake and mini cupcakes. They were absolutely delicious. My only complaint is that they do not have a store that you can visit to view their selections or taste test etc. The lady in charge runs it out of her home. But they are to die for. You should really check them out! Here is their weblink:

    But they have not updated their blog in ages. She claims it is best to view them on facebook. They have a ton of albums set up on facebook of various desserts they have made for clients. Enjoy!

    • lobrau says:

      Wow! Thank you so much for such an excellent new recommendation! I love the designs they have created for specific birthday themes, etc. And the cupcakes look delicious. I really appreciate you sharing this! This is definitely what I want my blog to be all about!

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