Delectable Delights: Eight Places to Indulge your Sweet Tooth in BKK

I’m gonna be honest.  Whenever we take our children out for dessert, it’s more for mom and dad.  “What’s that?  Did I hear you say you want a McDonald’s soft serve ice cream?  Well, okay then.  The Sukothai Chocolate Buffet?  Sure!”  Yes, that’s pretty much how it works.  Using this method, we have found some super-hip dessert locales that offer up some truly decadent treats.  Below I present to you our favorites.

1. For the culinary adventurer and appreciator of arts


This place is too cool for school.  Seriously.  At IceDEA, ice cream is not just served; it is designed and shaped into a variety of foods.  Medium-rare U.S. steak with a side of  fries?  You got it.  Japanese Tonkatsu?  No problem.  Pizza supreme?  Easy.  Not only is the ice cream sculpted to perfection, the flavors offered are creative and eclectic.  Wasabi, roasted coconut, earl grey . . . you get the idea.  This place brings the word unique to a new level.  Go and try it.  You will be amazed.


Looks like a real hamburger and fries, right?


The IceDEA cafe at BACC


Bangkok Art and Cultural Center (BACC), 4th floor
939 Rama 1 Road
Wangmai, Pathumwan, Bangkok
BTS:  National Stadium
FB Page:

2. For the fairy-tale loving at heart

Mr. Jones’ Orphange

If the amazing dessert table alone doesn’t hook you, the swinging teddy bears will.  Mr. Jones’ Orphange is a restaurant created for kids.  It’s a mini fairy-land in which you can get seriously hopped up on sugar.  Cakes made from kit-kat bars and M&Ms, cookie monster cupcakes, flavored milk (delivered in amazingly cute glass bottles with a straw) toy cars, toy soldiers, and teddy bears on every table, a kid-sized second floor with kid-sized couches and books to read.   And on top of the amazing selection of desserts, you can order brunch . . . and it is ALSO yummy.  Really, how could you go wrong?  One tip:  there are two Mr. Jones’ in Bangkok; the first in Thong Lor and the second in Siam Center.  We recommend the Thong Lor branch because it is less crowded, more roomy, and offers dessert and regular food fare.


Sipping on a house speciality – vanilla-flavored milk


Paper airplanes and a kid-sized upstairs balcony


Everything on this table is tempting . . . everything


The naseuatingly cute Mr. Jones’ Orphanage


Ground floor, Seen Space
Thong Lor Soi 13
Off Sukhumvit Soi 55
Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok
BTS:  Thong Lor (but you will want to take a cab from Thong Lor BTS to Thong Lor Soi 13)
FB Page:

3. For young ladies and gents who lunch

Cafe Tartine

Not only is it one of our favorite restaurants in Bangkok and one that I’ve termed the “Most Toddler-Friendly Restaurant in Bangkok,” it also has some of the best desserts in town.  Our personal favorites are the chocolate mousse and lemon meringue pie.  Seriously . . . can’t . . . go . . . without . . . one . .  week of a Cafe Tartine dessert.  Pathetic on my part, I know.


Desserts are always on display at Cafe Tartine


Logan’s personal favorite:  the chocolate mousse


Soi Ruamrudee at the Athenee Residence
65 Wireless Road
Lumpini, Pathumwan
BTS:  Ploenchit
FB Page:

4. For the trend-setter

Sparkles Cupcakery

Okay, cupcakes were so 2009, but not in Bangkok folks, not in Bangkok.  This is the only place in town that serves up an authentically U.S.-style cupcake, butter-cream frosting and all.  In fact, we just had the cupcakery cater Katelyn’s first birthday party, and it did not disappoint.  The owner and baker, the ever-personable and professional Khun Sophie, is always designing new flavors.  New cupcake flavors this month include:  Sakura-Cherry Blossom, Passion Fruit, Caramel Sea Salt with Dark Chocolate (amazing folks, amazing), Rosemary and Lemon, and Cherry and Chocolate.  The home-made cookies are pretty darn good, too.  In fact, Sparkles was just named by Thailand Tatler as one of Bangkok’s best restaurants in 2013 – and for good reason.  I wrote a more in-depth post on Sparkles, which you can find here, last year.


No one can resist a Sparkles cupcake!


Sophie’s beautiful and decadent creations


2/6 Sukhumvit 53 (note they have a small shop on soi 53 near the BTS, and a new larger space down the road a little further, between Thong Lor sois 5 and 9)
BTS:  Thong Lor

5. For the sophisticated palette

Patisserie Masatomi

Imagine this:  two Cordon-Bleu trained pastry chefs – one American, the other Japanese – team up to combine classic French cuisine with contemporary Japanese flavors and flair.  You know what this means, people?  Heaven in your mouth.  Patisserie Masatomi makes macaroons like I have never tasted before – undeniably a million notches above your fancy Bangkok hotel bakery’s macaroons with the usual buttercream and jam fillings.  Not only do they make macaroons that taste amazing, Masatomi offers unique macaroon flavors such as lavender white chocolate (infused with real lavender) and citrus cream cheese (made with yuzu, an East-Asian fruit with touches of lemon and orange flavor).  Furthermore, the chefs are always creating new flavors.  One could never get bored of this endless array of fancy and mouthwatering macaroons.


Excellent variety of unique macaroon flavors


Even the packaging is pretty at Masatomi Patisserie


The Portico, 3rd floor, #301
31 Soi Langsuan, Lumphini
Pathumwan, Bangkok
BTS:  Chitlom
FB page:

6. For those who prefer to go classic

Magnum Cafe

Not only do you need to run, you need to sprint to this one, folks.  The Magnum Cafe is only here to stay until the end of May, so that means you have exactly 16 days from the time I write this to check it out.  The allure of the Magnum Cafe is that you can make your own Magnum bar.  That’s right.  You choose from:  a) a milk chocolate or dark chocolate coating, then; b) a plethora of toppings to include brownie pieces, red velvet cupcake crumble, sprinkles, sea salt, and many more, and finally; c) a milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or white chocolate drizzle.  Everything you desire in a Magnum bar you can get.  A tip?  Skip waiting in the massive line to be seated in the main dining hall.  Opt instead to fill in the “custom make your Magnum bar” questionnaire handled by the hostess and seat yourself in the cafe located on the right-hand side of the restaurant.  You’ll get the same experience in 1/10th of the time = a win with the kids.


The question is, who ate more of this bar – Katelyn or Daddy?


The extensive array of toppings at the Magnum Cafe


Siam Center, 1st floor
BTS:  Siam

 7. For the serious chocholics

Sukothai Chocolate Buffet

Just how much chocolate can you eat in one sitting?  Well, you can find out when you visit the Sukothai Hotel’s Chocolate Buffet.  This is a great option for holidays and special occasions.  Check out more on this option here.


I think Logan got his money worth . . .


The Sukothai Chocolate Buffet . . . what a treat!


The Sukhothai Hotel
13/3 South Sathorn Road
Hotel link:

8. For those who have gone native

Ever soi has one – the coconut ice cream vendor.  Yes, if it is blazing hot out, treat yourself to some good old Thai coconut ice cream.  Delicious, refreshing, and 15 baht (.50 cents).

Coconut ice cream

Indulging in coconut ice cream on a hot day when walking home from school

Wow.  This post took a long time to write, which could only mean one thing:  we eat A LOT of desserts.  No wonder that baby weight took so long to come off!

3 thoughts on “Delectable Delights: Eight Places to Indulge your Sweet Tooth in BKK

  1. Kaho says:

    You just made me very hungry by looking at your post!!! I would love to go to all the places (I have sweet tooth) especially Mr. Jones’ Orphanage. I love their decor so much. The origami airplanes! What a great idea to decorate baby nursery or kids room!!

  2. DetroitFamilyFun says:

    My sister is Asia bound and although she is still single and no kids, my husband and I are hoping to get the chance to visit her. Your blog helps us feel less intimidated about bringing our toddler with us. Thanks for sharing!

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