Easter Bunny Fright

Today Logan attended his first embassy Easter party, complete with a mega-Easter egg hunt, a clown show, a balloon man, and one very scary-looking Easter Bunny (as evidenced by the below).

I’m surprised Logan ventured this close to the Bunny for a photo.  When Walter tried to hand him over to the Bunny, Logan would have none of it (can you blame him)? After looking at this freakish Bunny, I thought to myself . . . what was the Embassy thinking?  Couldn’t they at least get him a real mask?  Or a furry rabbit suit instead of the see-through white bed sheet he donned?

But then I realized a thing or two . . . first of all, as members of the American community living abroad, we better get used to nontraditional-looking Easter Bunnies and Santa Clauses.  I have a feeling there were not too many Bunny suits out there for rent on the Thai market (well, at least the appropriate kind).  In addition, I Googled “scary-looking Easter bunny” images to see how this Bunny compared . . . don’t do it, folks, don’t do it.  There are some terrifying bunnies out there and our Bunny doesn’t even hold a candle to those guys.  I’m pretty sure I’ll have nightmares tonight because of that search.  Secondly, I believe our Bunny was one of our beloved Embassy marines who either volunteered for the duty or drew the short straw to represent the Det at the Easter party.  You think the children were terrified? I bet he was terrified.  I’m sure this is very different from his Monday-Friday (well, Monday-Sunday) day gig.  Furthermore, I wonder how he feels knowing that his picture will be sent out to hundreds of families far and wide in this bunny costume?  And then comes the rest of his Det . . . I can only imagine the ribbing he’ll get for this.  Thirdly, a furry bunny costume and a real mask in this heat?  The Bunny was on-hand for the mega-Easter egg hunt and he was boiling in this costume . . . can you imagine what a furry bunny suit would have done to the poor guy in this Bangkok heat?  So maybe the thin bed sheet was a good idea.

In the end, I realized that most kids Logan’s age are terrified of even the friendliest looking Easter bunnies at the most upscale malls in the U.S. (I can’t count the number of friends’ photos I’ve seen on Facebook that show their kids bawling in the Easter Bunny’s lap this year).  I don’t care what everyone was saying, this guy was a good sport. Either your kids are going to be scared of the Easter Bunny, regardless of his/her costume details, or tolerate him.  So, we are thankful for the Marine who was our Bunny, we are thankful for Embassy Bangkok pouring so much heart and soul into an excellent Easter party for the kids, and most of all, as a Christian family, we are thankful for the real meaning of Easter – – the resurrection of Jesus Christ and what it represents.

Happy Easter, everyone!

3 thoughts on “Easter Bunny Fright

  1. Ami says:

    What a great post! So so true on every account. What I liked most is your last statement. So refreshing to know that there are other Christians living here in Bangkok! I am grateful that I’m able to teach my daughters about Jesus and that they now actually (sort of) understand that Jesus came alive on Easter and we can now go to Heaven. Happy Easter to you and your lovely family.

  2. sandi braunohler nicely says:

    Amen!!!! Great article (as always!). Frankly, I’ve never understood why we need the “Easter Bunny” to begin with, but, after raising children and being surrounded with grandchildren, I realize the fun/fantasy involved. Happy Easter to all of you as we all celebrate the resurrection!!!!

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