Let the Water Fights Begin

It is hot this time of year in Bangkok.  So hot, in fact, that all you want to do is submerse yourself in water – be it a pool, the ocean, a cold shower, or even a water fight.

Over the past week, our tod has been learning the joy in what is Thailand’s Songkran Festival – a holiday that Thai families and friends celebrate by visiting temples and splashing water on each other to wish each other good luck, which over the years has evolved into a nationwide water fight and a popular reason to travel and party.  Songkran marks the beginning of a new solar year and the summer season in Thailand.  It is Thailand’s most anticipated festival every year .  In you are in Thailand and you venture out of your abode during Songkran, you and/or your mode of transportation are guaranteed to get wet.  Three to five days of nationwide water fights to celebrate not only the new year, but this heat?  Brilliance, I say.

Below are a few photos of how Logan celebrated the pre-Songkran Holiday.

A week before Songkran begins, Zoila teaches Logan to use a water gun . . . a critical thing to know before the water fights get into full swing

Logan jumps in the "fish pond" at his friend's first birthday party to cool down and enjoys a Songkran spray down in the meantime

For the holiday, we headed to our favorite drivable beach getaway in Thailand, the Rayong Beach Villa at Rim Phae Beach.

Rim Phae Beach, Rayong

Rayong Beach Villa

What better way to celebrate Songkran than with friends at the beach?

Playing in the sand

Checking out the ocean, contemplating a dip

Just cooling off my feet!

Kids don water guns in the back of pick-ups . . . isn't this every child's fantasy?

Beware of the water truck!

Check out the Songkran Festival "damage" to our car!

We’ll miss your youthful ways, Songkran.  Until next year . . .

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