Your Next Saturday Outing: The Ancient City

How do you compress a visit to Thailand’s most famous sights into two hours?  The Ancient City.


The Ancient City: a perfectly-sized place for tods

Yes, with little ones in tow you can visit just over one hundred replicas of some of Thailand’s most well-known monuments and architectural sites in one day.  A trip to the Ancient City is a great way to comfortably introduce your children to Thai history and culture without the inconveniences of long car rides, air travel, and packed bags.  The Ancient City offers plenty of room for little ones to run freely on beautifully manicured lawns and practice their stair-climbing on scaled-down replicas of famous Thai wats.  The Grand Palace?  The famous floating market?  A replica of a Thai junk boat?  They can all be found at Ancient Siam.


Logan displaying a healthy glow after much stair climbing

Motorized vehicle-loving toddlers and bike-happy parents will love Ancient Siam.  Tour it via your own private two-, four-, or six-seater golf cart or rented bike .  You could also hop aboard a tram for a guided tour; however this is not nearly as cool as the first two options.


The golf cart was definitely the highlight of the visit for Logan


Travelling by golf cart

Now is the perfect time of year to visit Ancient Siam, which is about 40 minutes outside of Bangkok by car.  Because it is completely an outdoor activity, bring hats, sunscreen, and water.  A couple hours of exploring will probably suffice to take in the sights and wear out your little ones enough to sleep the entire car ride home.  We were so happy to discover this new activity.  We hope you will enjoy it, too!

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