What’s That? Bacon and Egg Ice Cream, You Say?


Nutella and chocolate-flavored ice cream at Creamery

It’s 10pm and both Logan and Katelyn are sleeping.  I should be sleeping, but instead I’m writing to you about ice cream.  Priorities.

Today we did some exploring in an area we’ve never been to in our two and a half years in Bangkok – U-Center at Chulalongkorn University.  I did a race past Chula last weekend and Walter read about new cafe openings at U-Center this week.  I think both of those events inspired us to drive the 2km from our house (yes, only 2km, but this is Bangkok, people, so it still took us 20 minutes each direction) to check it out.

A number of things about U-Center led me to instantly love the place:

1. Chula’s U-Center is just like any U-Center from back home:  it’s hard to find a parking spot, university students rule the roost, and the food is cheap.  Perfect.

2. Because it’s a university hang-out, we were the only non-Thai around.  Awesome authentic experience in the heart of Bangkok.

3. University students require coffee and cool hang-outs.  Read:  this place has lots of hip cafes and coffee shops.

In our walk around the place, we stumbled across a little ice cream shop called Creamery.  Step inside and you are met by a variety of unique ice cream flavors such as Matcha Green Tea, Bacon and Eggs, Maple Crunch, Nutella and Chocolate, and Berry Cheesecake.  You can get your ice cream on a home-made waffle drizzled with caramel sauce or opt for a cup (you’d have to be lame to go cup-only).  The waffle was amazing and the ice cream was even better.  Plus, the staff was really awesome about letting us try at least 10 different flavors.  The price for one scoop?  45 baht.  That’s pretty hard to beat!

So, if you’re up for a little adventure one weekend, head to Chula’s U-Center, walk around the place, discover some new coffee joints, treat yourself to unconventionally-flavored ice cream at Creamery, and hang with the university crowd.


Katelyn was happy to explore a new area of town!

U-Center Chulalongkorn University,
Chulalongkorn Soi 42, Phayathai Rd.,
Phone:  087-909-8080

You can find hours and more information here:  http://www.twosave.com/en/restaurants/creamery-boutique-ice-cream/.  Also, Creamery is on twitter:  @CreameryBKK.

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