If I Had a Dollar . . .

If I had a dollar for every time my one-year old daughter successfully pinned down my three-year old son, I’d be rich.  Let the evidence stand for itself (and remember, these are only the moments we’ve been able to capture on camera)!

img_0429 img_0521 img_0928 img_0635

And how is your day going?

3 thoughts on “If I Had a Dollar . . .

  1. Ami says:

    Loren, not sure if I told you about kjplaygroup.com. You may be very interested as a mom of toddlers. Check it out at least. I put together the “recommended weekly book activities.” But there is a lot of other stuff on there as well. You could even post your articles to this worldwide website that is associated with KinderJam.

  2. sandi braunohler nicely says:

    At least Logan is laughing!!!! If I had a dollar for all of the amazing photos you’ve captured of your precious children, I’d be very, very wealthy! I love them and absolutely LOVE all the photos you and Walter sent my way yesterday! I’m running out of wall space and told Craig I need another magnetic board the size of the entire wall on the lower level! Your photos give me so much joy!!!!

    Love you!

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