Have You Been To The Bangkok Farmers Market?

One of the newest things to hit the city is the Bangkok Farmers Market (affectionately known as the BKKFM).  Yes, there have been predecessors to the BKKFM – like the smaller organic market held at Bo.Lan the first Saturday of every month – but this my friends, is different.  It is the real deal.

photo (2)

Birthday pony ride!

As you stroll past some 80 vendors (out of a rotating 600) selling everything from raw vegan pizza to all-natural dog biscuits, you will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of products offered.  The atmosphere is friendly and fun, and the food is yummy!

Do not miss the amazing artisan bread by Urban Pantry (think fire-roasted chile and cheddar whole wheat) or porchetta sandwiches by the owners of Appia Restaurant (they sell out early, so go early)!  You would also be wise to pay a visit to Paleo Robbie – an Australian who lives and breathes the virtues of the Paleo Diet and has hired a Greek chef to prepare an impressive variety of paleo-friendly meals available for home-delivery every week. The meals are prepared with grass fed Australian beef, free-range chicken, wild Canandian blueberries, and oh-so-many-more wonderfully healthy foods.

The organizers of the BKKFM have made this place much more than a farmers market.  In their words,  “The Bangkok Farmers Market isn’t just a place to purchase produce and goods on a Saturday, it’s much more than that. We are working hard to build a strong foundation for community, awareness, and better living.”  And they have risen to the challenge.  On any given weekend that the BKKFM is happening, you will find community programs taking place in tandem with the market – classes in everything from natural soap-making to organic gardening,  no-cook cooking to kaffir lime shampoo-making, educational talks on permaculture and the Palaeolithic Diet.  They have done a seriously good job in this department.

And why am I really writing about this place?  Because it is dope for kids. So great – in fact – we found ourselves going both on Saturday and Sunday this past weekend.  There is a dedicated arts and crafts area for kids, a balloon art man, Shetland ponies to ride and feed, lots of space to run around, a little play area for kids, bean bag chairs, a nursing tents for moms, two nice pack n’ plays for napping infants or infants who need to be changed.  It would be hard for them to make it more family-friendly.  One weekend they even had piglets.  And with the market taking place more often than not in the dog-friendly K-Village, it is fun to watch toddlers squeal with delight at the Pugs, Chihuahuas, and occasional Bulldogs that go by.  This place is fun and healthy – and should definitely be on your next weekend outing bucket list.

Right now, the BKKFM operates monthly at rotating venues around town.  For more information on the market, visit its website or facebook page.

Oh the beautiful pictures I could have taken at the market this weekend, but alas I am in a cast for the next few weeks, so all I could do was snap a few of the kids with the iPhone.  Great pics of all that is offered at the market on the BKKFM’s FB page (linked above).

photo (1)

First time on a pony for Kate

photo (4)

Feeding ponies

9 thoughts on “Have You Been To The Bangkok Farmers Market?

  1. DetroitFamilyFun says:

    How fabulous! We have a similar beautiful Farmers Market here in Detroit every Saturday. Delicious artisanal, locally grown everything. I will have to email them about adding the tent for nursing mothers and changing stations, that sounds incredible!

    • Loren says:

      We are big fans of farmers markets! With a home in DC, we visit Eastern Market as much as possible on the weekends when we are in the States. My in-laws are not too far away from you in Grand Rapids, and I understand the city is putting together a big, central Farmers Market in the downtown area there as well. Yes, the nursing tents are excellent. They weren’t up at first, but after the first one or two markets, I think they took the advice of many moms and outfitted the market with private areas for nursing, changing, etc.

      • stephkempker says:

        (If this posts twice I’m sorry)
        Small world as I’m from Grand Rapids but now living in Bangkok! I’ve yet to be to the one here but the market in GR is AMAZINg

  2. Heather says:

    I miss Eastern market so much! Did I tell you about the owner of the fish stall teaching Philip how to clean a red snapper there last year? Aww yeah-he was totally hands-on! But it sounds like this farmer’s market is earning a very strong following-we will have to go soon!

    • Loren says:

      Heather – the boys would love it. It is a fun thing to do for an hour or so over the weekend. They boys can run and you and Phil can sample some good food. And yes, I miss Eastern Market something fierce! Our house in DC is only blocks away from there!

  3. A says:

    I love the eastern market too! I was reading the comments there. Hmm I love farmers markets in general. I have not yet been to the bangkok farmers market, but perhaps one day. I love visiting them wherever I am,

  4. Silvia says:

    I try to go every time they have it. I love the Vegan Bakery. Looks like now the Bangkok Farmers Market is a monthly event at K Village the last weekend of every month. The next one is this Saturday August 31st from 9am to 5pm and Sunday 01 September .
    I hope to see you there!

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