Traveling with Kids: A Completely Different Option from the 20+ Hour Journey


Reading time in the Braunohler home

Do all good parenting rules go out the window during 20+ hours of flight?  Yes, they do.  Should you, as a parent, feel bad about that?  No, you shouldn’t. Bribe ’em, give ’em their favorite snacks, allow technology to entertain, use the aisles for sprint practice . . . here is a piece I wrote almost a year ago that will give you some ideas on how to cope with a long journey – Enduring 20 Plus Hours of Air Travel with a Toddler (Oh Yes, and a Baby)

That being said, we are opting to take our family on vacation to western Australia this year instead of the States.  Somewhere along the way, I realized that a 6.5 hour flight was probably more tolerable than 20+ hours of flight, and that a 1 hour time change would be much more manageable than a 12-hour one.  Go figure.  Farm stays, child-friendly vineyards, a beautiful drive along the ocean, wonderful hikes, dolphin sanctuaries, wombat, wallaby, and kangaroo-spotting . . . why have we not done this before?  We’ll let you know how it goes when we get back.  What are you doing this year for fall break?

2 thoughts on “Traveling with Kids: A Completely Different Option from the 20+ Hour Journey

  1. Colinda Rokers says:

    Australia is great with kids! We went twice from Thailand because it is child friendly and so much to do for them. Enjoy your time downunder, it is awesome!

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